Friday, 9 September 2011

Grow Mushrooms At Your Kitchen Garden

Mushrooms are very good for the physical and mental well being as it helps in boosting the immune system and to a large extent helps in preventing diseases such as cancer. With mushrooms raining in popularity each passing day, most of the people are looking forward to growing it indoor. No doubt there are various mushrooms growing here and there but those are wild mushrooms. You need to grow mushrooms that are edible in a controlled temperature.

Growing mushrooms at home is not only a playful activity. It is easy, and really cheap, and in addition it will help you get rid of buying it very expensively either from the supermarket or the grocery store. Get to know some of the tips on how to grow mushrooms in a controlled environment:

Mushrooms are actually fungus that grows with the diffusion of the spores. You will find these spores sticking out providing you with edible mushrooms.

Woods, saw dust, logarithms etc are some of the best ways to grow mushrooms as it readily maintains dampness which is the best environment for growing mushroom. So as to grow into an edible mushroom, the fungi can suck up anything that is wet.

The most ideal temperature for growing mushroom is 75 degrees F. And spring is the best season for growing them as during this season it is quite normal for the woods or logs to remain throughout.

There are various types of mushrooms and most of them can be easily cultured especially button mushroom. This type of mushroom easily grows on composed.

For other types of mushroom you will have to buy grow kits mushrooms such as Mushroom chaws. Insert the mushrooms inside the drilled lumber so that it is provided with enough wetness to allow the mushrooms to absorb it.

It is better to cover the stopples with the wax of cheeseflower in order to facilitate a safe breed of the mushroom spores. It is important to position the logs in shaded areas where the mushrooms are irrigated every time you see them dry.

It might take ages to make compost however, compost are the best where growing mushrooms are concerned. When the compost turns white, it means that it is rich in nutrients and is best to grow mushrooms.

This useful method of growing mushroom will help you in growing mushrooms and help you yield great harvests. At the same time it will give a unique look to your kitchen garden giving it an overall aesthetic appeal. Produce your own tasty, healthy mushrooms indoors or outdoors all year round supplying for your own kitchen.

Mushrooms come in extensive varieties of flavors, forms, and colors. While many mushrooms can be obtained at the market, it is fun to produce them at home, and it can also be simple and easy, depending on which raising technique you are able to use. Mushroom cultivation schemes can range from large and complex growing rooms to a little log or isolation chamber designed to afford just enough mushrooms for dwelling.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

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Describing In Brief About Stropharia Cubensis And Its Effect

Stropharia cubensis is one of the well known natural psychedelic. This type of mushrooms usually grows in the humid sub tropical forests of Mexico and New Guinea. The breeding process of this type of mushrooms is quite easy as a result they are commonly used as hallucinogenic mushrooms. These mushrooms contains psilocine’ and psilocybin. Read on to get more information on Stropharia cubensis and its major effects.

Psilocin and psilocybin are the active substance present in this mushroom. Apart for these, P.cubensis also contained substances such as Baeocystine and Norbaeocystine. However, the quantity of these substances generally varies from one species to another. One point that differs these substances from Psilocine is that Psilocine is unstable and at the same times degrades when the mushrooms dries. As a matter of fact, the active compound i.e. Psilocybin can persist for longer period of time. But both these substances are equally psychoactive and increase the dopamine levels in brains causing a trip.

The psychedelic effects of this mushroom are often described as a journey to spiritual world. However, the effect is similar to the effects of LSD, moreover the effects are considered to be higher as well as stronger than LSD, and at the same time have shorter effect. It causes muscles relaxation, cold limbs, abdomen and wide pupils. When taken in higher doses, it induces visual hallucinations and alteration of sense of time. However, the degree of trip generally depends on the user as well as the emotional state of the user, making differences in experiences from one user to another.

The ingestion of Stropharia cubensis also accompanies certain side effects, some symptoms includes lower body temperature, farting & stomach trouble or nausea. In such case, one may experience bad trip but do remember that this only occurs when you are in not in a good mood or negative mood. Those negative feelings are being built and exaggerated, inducing a negative spiral that influences the effects. When taken in average doses, the effects or trip usually last up to 6 hours, but the interval between the hallucinations will take longer. These are some of the major effects of Stropharia cubensis.

Studies and investigations shown that the active compound i.e. psilocybe present in Stropharia cubensis causes psychosis like symptoms; this is due to the fact that it stimulates serotonin-2 receptors. Many people have reported the positive effects of this mushroom, describing that the use this mushroom reduces pain substantially or even disappeared completely. Research has also shown that psilocybin, which is also main active substance present in this cubensis mushroom, can be use in the treatment of mental disorders. However, this research or investigation is still going on & some safety norms must still be formulated.